Why I Dislike Palin

So let's talk about this comic.

As a leftist I admit I nevertheless find no home amongst the "green" movement. Whether or not global warming is real isn't the question, it's whether or not it's us that are causing it, and how. And as an avid believer in science and the scientific method, I just don't see that we have substantial proof that CO2 is the culprit. I'm not about to accept something on FAITH alone. That would put me in the same camp as the fundamentalists--you know, the creationists and the anti-gay-rights crowd? The Palins of the world (no offense to Michael Palin).

You see, global warming is to so many on the Left an act of faith. I've rarely spoken to anyone who knows anything on the subject beyond Al Gore's fancy slide show. They know so very little, yet believe so very ardently. How faith-like...

Essentially the above comic assumes that all liberals, all leftists, etc. must be hand-in-hand on all these things, which is utterly ludicrous.

But it's just a comic.

When it comes to being green, I say let's pump more money into the mythical 100mpg vehicles, and let's build more rail, more mass transit, and new urbanist cities--walkable cities. But let's still drill where we can. Let's not start depending too much on places like Nigeria, who care not at all for the environment or worker's rights, or safety standards. Let's drill ourselves, with our higher standards.

Then let's build some more top-notch technology. Let's put our tax dollars to work getting more students into science programs, hi-tech degrees, all that. I'm not worried about jobs floating overseas, so long as we're making sure that we have the money invested in our students, so that new, better, hi-end jobs can replace older, out-dated jobs that migrate elsewhere.

I see this as a larger vision, and it will take a visionary leader to achieve any of it (and this is just a morsel of the many things we need to do aside from whine and moan over global warming and so forth). I think Obama has it. He has vision, and that is a critical factor.

Palin, on the other hand, has religion. I'm not against religion, per say, but the sort that Palin seems at home with is not the vision I want for America--one in which science is defunded, education takes a back seat, and so on and so forth.

I could give a damn about her grandbaby to be. I just don't like the vision of America that she holds dear. I think we can do so much better.

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ModernityBlog said...

Palin is spooky, as Prez. she'd be
a disaster, what a terrible thought.

great cartoon.