Young Earth Creationist

Unless you want your next VP (and possibly President) to make Bush look like a veritable Agnostic by comparison, you really ought to think about voting for Obama/Biden in November.

According to Ed Brayton, Palin is not just "open to the idea" of creationism being discussed in Public Schools, she actually pushed for it in Wasila.  She's a young-earth creationist, who believes that the Earth is less than 7,000 years old, and that humans and dinasaurs used to dine together in the garden of Eden.

So, if you want America to continue to slide backward while Asia and Europe invest in Science and Technology, vote for the Creationist, Palin.

McCain, I have no doubt, believes in evolution.  So why oh why would he pick Palin for his VP? It flies in the face of reason...



Roland Dodds said...

Good point LH: while I am pretty much a single issue voter these days, the creationist views that I believe Palin pushes are disturbing. Although I have seen apologies made for her concerning this issue, arguing that she isn’t really that dedicated to these ideas, she has clearly floated all the right language to make someone who adheres to the scientific method scared.

LeftHawk said...

The fact is, creationists or ID promoters, at least at the higher political level, generally use very "soft" language similar to Palin's. By "soft" I mean they don't push it, but they make it sound equal. Evolution and Creationism are equal, they say. They don't have to push it, though. They just appoint the right people to push it for them--judges, etc.

So she can say one thing and come across as very ambiguous, but I don't doubt for a second that if given the chance, she'll help push creationism at the national level.

Thanks for stopping by, RD.